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Wudeward Urban Forest Products come exclusively from urban trees removed for reasons other than harvest, such as natural mortality, damage or development.

Trees otherwise designated for the waste stream find new life in buildings through interior finishes and architectural details.
Due to its unique point of origin, urban wood is not the commodity traditional lumber is. The urban wood industry works within the constraints of nature’s inventory, bringing what nature provides to its best and highest use. When you specify Wudeward’s sustainability sourced lumber in your design plan, you can help protect the long-term health of forests and create an environment of lasting beauty.

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“Without Dwayne's long-term persistence in the pursuit of Urban Wood, the lumber we lovingly place in our buildings would still be limited to normal, unsustainable sources.”

Tom Kubala  |  The Kubala Washatko Architects



More and more, nature is being recognized as the fourth pillar of health and well-being. Numerous studies show that establishing a connection to nature by incorporating natural elements into interior spaces, such as daylight, water, greenery and exposed wood, provide psychological, physiological and cognitive benefits to the occupants. By choosing Wudeward Urban Forest products for your next project, you will be creating beautifully designed spaces that will also enhance the human experience.

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The more we learn about the essential qualities of our urban forests, the better we become at bringing the beneficial, healthful characteristics of living trees into our built environments through the use of urban forest products.

A robust urban wood industry is part of a virtuous circle that connects people, communities, industry and businesses in embracing this untapped potential and stewarding this renewable resource. When repurposed, urban wood has been shown to boost local economies, strengthen sustainability commitments, reduce expenses for communities and enhance our built environment.

Baird Center, Milwaukee

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